Yes Support Our Schools (YSOS) is a political action committee formed by concerned citizens who support the needs of our schools in the Tempe Union High School District.  We support the passage of the November 3 ballot measure asking voters to provide $6,500,000/year for seven years in District Additional Assistance (DAA) funding, formerly known as capital funding, for the District and its seven high schools. This year’s election will be a mail-­in-­only election.

What is YSOS?

I haven't mailed in my ballot yet. Today is Election Day. How can I vote?

Why is this override a good investment?

How will override funds be used?

What is the Yes Support our Schools PAC?

Who supports the override?

Representative Mitzi Epstein
Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton
Tempe Council member Lauren Kuby
The Honorable Harry Mitchell
The Honorable Bob Robson
The Honorable Jeff Dial
The Honorable Michelle Hirsch
Tempe Chamber of Commerce
Chandler Chamber of Commerce
Tempe Secondary Education Association (TSEA)

Zita and Pen Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

Tempe Union property values are strong because of our excellent school systems. Having all six comprehensive high schools A-­rated by The Arizona Department of Education results in higher property values. Realtors consistently advertise Tempe Union successes to homebuyers looking to settle in the East Valley. They know that homes in excellent school districts sell for more and sell faster than those in less desirable districts. National studies and city experts confirm that school spending raises property values and attracts new business to the community.

Our communities are improved with better schools. Higher graduation rates are correlated to lower levels of crime. High school dropouts are more than twice as likely to be unemployed, three times as likely to receive welfare, and cost our communities and taxpayer dollars. High school graduates have improved health, lower mortality rates, and far lower rates of alcohol abuse. College and career-­ready graduates are more likely to become the employees, employers, voters, and taxpayers in our neighborhoods. Median wages are higher in areas with a well-­educated workforce, and employers can attract better employees where excellent public education is available.